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18 Wheeler 3 icon

18 Wheeler 3

Download SWF

Your truck driving skills are world wide known, that is why the local gang in Texas hired you to do their dirty goods transport. It is a decent offer

3D Buggy Racing icon

3D Buggy Racing

Download SWF

Hop in your round looking 3D buggy and start driving it, competing against other buggies. Customize your own buggy so you can outrace every other race

3D Deathrace icon

3D Deathrace

Download SWF

Drive your R1 motorbike through this 3D scary forest to see how far can you go! Only the most experienced death racers will survive this denser forest

3D Racer 3 icon

3D Racer 3

Download SWF

In stolen police car, mad highway racer is back again blazing the streets and finding a way to demolish everything around him! As you have to drive li

A Teddy Kiss icon

A Teddy Kiss

Download SWF

A Teddy Kiss is another kissing game where you must make the magic happen without being disturbed. These cute little bears are about to fall in love a

Adrenaline Challenge icon

Adrenaline Challenge

Download SWF

Pump up your adrenaline by driving your motor bike through the winding levels in this awesome game.

Age of War icon

Age of War

Download SWF

A battle of the ages. Your in a war against a neighboring nation and the more of their soldiers you defeat the faster you can upgrade the the next age

Ageless War icon

Ageless War

Download SWF

The judgment day is here! The only thing that you must do is to choose your army race and dominate the whole wide world! Choose a race to command and

Airport Madness 4 icon

Airport Madness 4

Download SWF

Airport Madness 4 has arrived! Try to take control over the whole city airport. Manage the flying aircraft traffic to flow without causing any acciden

Alien Hominid Xtreme icon

Alien Hominid Xtreme

Download SWF

Control the Alien Hominid that will float by and kill all humans in this bloody xtreme action game! The man in black will try to shoot you dead, so yo

Aliens Defense icon

Aliens Defense

Download SWF

Conquering other planets, especially when they are inhabited with angry and aggressive alien creatures, is the ultimate strategy challenge! Try to col

Angry Birds Connect icon

Angry Birds Connect

Download SWF

It is up to you to save all Angry Birds by connecting them with their identical pictures. The most popular feathery characters, the Angry Birds are ba

Angry Birds Halloween icon

Angry Birds Halloween

Download SWF

Angry Birds Rovio icon

Angry Birds Rovio

Download SWF

It is a great honor to introduce you one of the latest games online that will make history. Angry Birds is one fun game.

Angry Birds Space icon

Angry Birds Space

Download SWF

Angry Chubby icon

Angry Chubby

Download SWF

Fed up with fat belly, the angry chubby people have gather together completely to destroy the entire fast food industry. Launch the chubbies to hit th

Apple Shooter icon

Apple Shooter

Download SWF

Test your aiming skills by hitting the red apple, which in this case is placed on your buddies head. Try not to kill him!! Shoot the apple off your fr

Awesome Tanks icon

Awesome Tanks

Download SWF

Only awesome tank driver such as yourself can conquer all territories with the best Awesome Tank ever! Control your little orange tank as you use its

Baby Hazel Thanksgiving Fun icon

Baby Hazel Thanksgiving Fun

Download SWF

Hurray! Baby Hazel and family have decided to celebrate Thanksgiving Day at her grandparentshome. Help Baby Hazel to get ready for the celebrations by

Bakers Defense icon

Bakers Defense

Download SWF

Lazy good for nothing thieves and brawlers are into your family secret cooking recipe. Defend it at all costs! On this brawl, everything is allowed, s

Bamboo Dino icon

Bamboo Dino

Download SWF

Take control of the Bamboo Dino and inflate everyone that tries to attack you, or have kidnapped your relatives dino eggs. Defeat enemies and gain pre

Banana Split icon

Banana Split

Download SWF

Take one banana and few other sweet ingredients and start creating the perfect banana split. This delicious dessert can be done in few simple steps. C

Barbie at School icon

Barbie at School

Download SWF

Remember Barbie? The most popular girls doll needs your fashion tips and tricks for dressing up. Show your style by dressing up Barbie, preparing her

Basket Balls Level Pack icon

Basket Balls Level Pack

Download SWF

Grab the ball and try to score the perfect point during the annual Basket Ball Level Pack championship! Adjust your aiming angle along with the throwi

Batman the Cobblebot Caper icon

Batman the Cobblebot Caper

Download SWF

The Gothem Bank is being robbed. Hurry and get there before the thieves get away.

Battered Red Fish icon

Battered Red Fish

Download SWF

All those who enjoys eating fish meals, especially with butter, well this is the perfect game for you. Learn how to cook your homemade Battered Red Fi

Beach Resort icon

Beach Resort

Download SWF

Start managing your new Beach Resort business and become the richest owner around. Patiently wait for the rich customers to arrive and then start serv

Beauty Resort 3 icon

Beauty Resort 3

Download SWF

Another way of becoming a millionaire, which is to manage your own beauty resort. Build in the exotic heart of India, start enchanting the natural bea

Ben 10 - Ben Ten - Kraken Attack icon

Ben 10 - Ben Ten - Kraken Attack

Download SWF

The Kraken has risen from the depths of the lake to wreak havoc! Help Ben to send it back where it came from.

Ben 10 Shoot Out icon

Ben 10 Shoot Out

Download SWF

Ben is here to rescue all the people in trouble. So do not panic and make way for the hero.

Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Rescue icon

Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Rescue

Download SWF

We gladly present you Ben 10 in his latest epic adventure the Ultimate Alien Rescue! Five aliens from Andromeda galaxy through they had escaped from t

Billiards Master Pro icon

Billiards Master Pro

Download SWF

Pick a pocket—any pocket! Play as a professional billiards in two different mods: alone or against a friend. Give your best and try to win the game

Black Forest Cake Slice icon

Black Forest Cake Slice

Download SWF

Central Europe is known by many things, from which one is the famous black forest that inspired the creation of the irresistible sweet chocolate cover

Bouncy Fire Fighters icon

Bouncy Fire Fighters

Download SWF

To be in a professional firefighter shoes is not very easy as it seems. Your job is to risk your life and try to rescue all in fire danger! There are

Bubble Fox icon

Bubble Fox

Download SWF

The Bubble Fox is the only creature that can save us all from the colorful bubbles invasion. Adjust the cannon and start eliminating the colorful bubb

Bubble Shooter 3 icon

Bubble Shooter 3

Download SWF

Bubble Shooter 3 is here for you to play! Another addicting bubble shooting game is in need for someone that can pop up all bubbles of screen by launc

Bunni Island icon

Bunni Island

Download SWF

Play this fun adventure with hopes to find the true meaning of rabbits life. Stuck on Bunni Island, you need to explore all of it in your search for l

Cactus McCoy icon

Cactus McCoy

Download SWF

Become the toughest, baddest and smartest Cactus in town in this adventure for finding the cure for your poisoned soul! Find a way and break the ancie

Cake for Love icon

Cake for Love

Download SWF

Create the Cake for Love, a true romantic masterpiece that neither girl can say no to. Try as many combinations as you can, until you get the perfect

California Rolls icon

California Rolls

Download SWF

Our lovely kitchen chef Sara today will show you how to cook these delicious California Rolls. With few simple steps, you only need to follow her prof

Candy Crush icon

Candy Crush

Download SWF

A great online version of the famous Candy Crush. This is the best game launched , maybe the game of the year. Crush candies and get throuh all levels

Car Thief Parking icon

Car Thief Parking

Download SWF

Life is dangerous, especially you are the Car Thief that tries to hijack all parked cars. You have been assigned on several parking missions where you

Carbon Auto Theft icon

Carbon Auto Theft

Download SWF

Sneak in and steal the cars from the different parking lots. Then drive off with them without hitting anything or the police will arrest you.

Carl the Chef icon

Carl the Chef

Download SWF

Carl the Chef is late for preparing the most important dinner of his life, the royal dinner! Assist him in his point and click adventure as you are so

Cartoon Girl icon

Cartoon Girl

Download SWF

Cartoons have come alive but have no fashion sense when it comes to the real world. Help this cartoon girl find the style for here.

Christmas Match icon

Christmas Match

Download SWF

Christmas Snowman Dress Up icon

Christmas Snowman Dress Up

Download SWF

Have fun the cold winter days by creating your Christmas Snowman and dressing him up with the latest winter fashion design. After you are done with ro

City Siege 3 Jungle Siege icon

City Siege 3 Jungle Siege

Download SWF

The perfect chance for showing your combat and rescuing skills is here! The jungle has been taken over by a hostile army! Build up and control your lo

City Smile icon

City Smile

Download SWF

Your job is to bring happiness in this sad city full of smileys. Feel free to share the infinity friendship love from the happy smileys to everyone wh

Color Joy icon

Color Joy

Download SWF

Guide the green colored box, also known as Color Joe, to reach to the exit portal. Use the law of physic and remove objects as you try to guide colore

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